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Pireko is our varietal wine produced of 100% old vine Malbec grapes from our Cobos vineyard. It represents the pure fruit from the vineyard, with carefully selected and handpicked grapes in small 18 kg boxes.

With a fresh and light style, it has a fruity profile, with round tannins and balanced acidity and with no oak influence.

It is a single vineyard Malbec wine, with its fruit sourced exclusively from our Cobos vineyard. This wine was produced for the first time in 2016, with a limited production of 750 cases.

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Pireko Pedro Giménez

Pireko Pero Gimenez is our varietal white wine produced of 100% Pedro Giménez grapes from our Cobos vineyard. It represents the pure fruit from the vineyard, with carefully selected and handpicked grapes in small 18 kg boxes. It spent 7 months on its lees, adding to a fuller body and an elegant untuosity.

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Canal Flores

Canal Flores wine highlights the essence of the Calle Cobos terroir. Intense, pure wines with fruit components and a balanced acidity. Canal Flores wines can be appreciated typically in a blend that combines a lead of Malbec, blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. It is a wine based on concentrated fruit from over 100 year old Malbec vines, with average yields of ~1,5 kg per plant and 6-8 tons per hectare. It is aged for around 12 months in French oak. We produced this wine in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, and only in 2011 we also produced a special and limited series of Canal Flores with a blend consisting 60% barrel fermented wine and 40% fermented in small 400 liter bins.

Canal Flores 2013: Prazeres da Mesa: 92 points
Canal Flores 2012: Tim Atkin: 90 points, Prazeres da Mesa, 91 points, Wine Spectator 88 points
Canal Flores 2011: Decanter Global Wine Awards: Bronze Medal 2013

Data sheet | Portuguese | Español 2012
Data sheet | Portuguese | Español 2011
Data sheet | Portuguese | Español 2011 Barrel Fermented
Data sheet | Portuguese 2010
Data sheet | Portuguese | English | Español

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Canal Flores – Barrel Fermented

Canal Flores Barrel Fermented Malbec, was only produced in 2011, a 100% Malbec of old vines planted in 1910, with 60% fermented in new French oak small barrels and then aged in new oak barrels for 16 months. Intense and aromatic, with full and round tannins, while preserving the old vine Malbec fruit and with well balanced acidity. A unique wine, only 1500 bottles produced this year of 2011. It was the inspiration for producing the Leyendas y Cuentos in 2012.

Data sheet | Portuguese 2011

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Viñedo 1910

Viñedo 1910, as it names indicates, is a wine produced exclusively with grapes from the Malbec vines planted in 1910. In this vineyard we have separated a specific lot in order to produce very concentrated fruit for this unique wine. High quality grapes are achieved through green harvest to produce few bunches of concentrated fruit, and yields average 750gr – 1kg per plant, or 4-5 tons per ha. In addition this wine is micro-fermented in small 1000 liter tanks, in order to increase grape skin to must contact and optimize extraction of color, aromas and flavor.  It is aged for around 15 months in French oak. The first year of production of Viñedo 1910 wine was 2012, and we are producing it again in 2013.

Viñedo 1910 – 2013: Prazeres da Mesa: 93 points
Viñedo 1910 – 2012: Tim Atkin: 93 points, Decanter Global Wine Awards: Silver Medal, Valor Economico: Best Malbec from Argentina, Wine Spectator: 89 points
2012 Data sheet | Portuguese
2013 Data sheet | Portuguese | Español

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Leyendas y Cuentos: El Jinete Blanco

Leyendas y Cuentos: El Jinete Blanco is produced only in years with best growing conditions, with grapes from specific rows of over 100 year old vines in Cobos Vineyard. The only production year of this wine so far has been in 2012, where growing conditions were perfect. Yield in this specific rows is the lowest of the three wines with around 500gr per vine or 2.5 tons per ha.

Leyendas y Cuentos: El Jinete Blanco it a wine that pays tribute to Mendoza and its wine related legends, myths and tales. Every harvest we produce this wine, we will honor in the label a legend or myth from Mendoza.

It is a concentrated and elegant wine that displays at the same time a deep intensity and an exquisite balance. This wine is all micro-fermented in 225 liter new French oak barrels, in order to obtain optimal extraction of color, aromas and flavor and add complexity through early contact with oak. After fermentation, it is aged around 16-18 months in new French oak. Total production in 2012, the only year so far we produced this wine, of only 170 cases.

Leyendas y Cuentos: Tim Atkin 91 points, Prazeres da Mesa: 92 points 2012
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